Top of Digital Europe is working hard on providing you with access to current data about the digital economy of the Baltic Sea Region.

State of the Digital Region 2015

Preceding the publication of “State of the Digital Region 2015“, an extensive set of data was compiled on the digital economy of the Baltic Sea Region. This data was collected from several databases, and we are now pleased to make it available for everyone on in one place.

Visualise it!

In order to view the data and and play around with the robust models you need to download the free Power BI tool.

Here is how to do it:
1. Download and install the free Power BI tool, available here
2. Download the data file, available here
3. Open the data file.

Power BI can create stunning and interactive visualisations from the data, to explore eg. internet infrastructure, technology education and unemployment in the Baltic Sea Region.

You may use this data with credit given to “Top of Digital Europe: State of the Digital Region 2015”
The Power BI data models have been developed by Knowledge Workers